Play Mega Sena Lotto

The gigantic prizes of the biggest Brazilian lottery, Mega Sena, are now available to you also, even though you are possibly not a Brazilian native. That is right, we are offering you the opportunity to buy a ticket for the physical lottery, and you can even double your chances in this big game and win its big prizes through Mega Sena lotto bet as well.

To play Mega Sena lotto, you need to choose a minimum of six numbers out of possible sixty to win one of the prizes, for guessing 4, 5 or 6 numbers right. To enter the game, you need to pick a combination of six numbers, but you can choose to pick up to 15 numbers which increases your chances of winning drastically. The numbers are drawn in the public televised draw every Wednesday and Saturday in Brazil 8pm local time (11pm GMT) and picked out of two spheres containing numbers 0 to 6 and numbers 0 to 9. Those two numbers are drawn simultaneously and form a two-digit number which enters the winning combination. That process is repeated six times until all six winning numbers are chosen.

When betting on Mega Sena or buying a ticket from us, you do the exact same as Brazilians who have always had the possibility of participating in the physical lottery: you choose 6 to 15 numbers out of 60 and keep your fingers crossed that your numbers are drawn. If they are and you are placing a bet, we at ensure you’ll win the same amount of money you would have if you’d purchased the Mega Sena ticket. So, the only difference in betting to you is that the money you won comes from us, instead of from Caixa Economica Federal bank, the official Mega Sena sponsor and organizer. So it’s only up to your preferences if you’ll choose to buy the ticket, place a bet, or both. If you want to buy a ticket, you can do it here, and to place a bet, visit here.

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However, we’ve saved the best for last: The Mega Sena regular jackpot isn’t the only game you can play with us. There is also the spectacular, and the most popular of all Brazilian lottery games, the Mega Sena special edition – Mega Da Virada. It is held every New Year’s Eve and has all Brazilians crazy for it, and for a good reason. Its jackpots are huge since 5 percent of every Mega Sena game throughout the year are put aside for Mega Da Virada. If no player matches all 6 numbers, then the jackpot money is split between people who guessed five numbers correctly. Get on board and start playing on today!