Reason to Buy a Lotto Ticket Right Now

You’ve lived your life full of wishes and dreams, but don’t you think it’s about time to start realizing some of those wishes and dreams? We bet you do, so you really don’t need any more reasons to buy a lotto ticket, but we’ll give you some more anyway.

Buy a Lotto Ticket to Live This Kind of Life

One of the most famous and inspiring lotto stories traces back to 2013. Tom Crist (nomen est omen or what?) from Calgary has lost his wife to cancer in 2011 and two year later he won 40 million dollar jackpot. He decided to give all of his winnings away to charity, so he funded a charitable trust with emphasis on helping cancer research.

He said he was very financially lucky in life even prior to his big lotto win, so he decided to pay it forward: “You feel good when you can do something, especially when you can help a family out that needs help, financial help. You can’t help the whole world, but we are going to help as many people as we can”, he said.

Generosity with a big G

One more generosity story comes from Canada: a senior citizen Eileen Bevis has just won 4,2 million dollars at the beginning of 2021. She wasn’t a regular player, but she decided to buy a lotto ticket on impulse. She immediately started donating money to different causes: cancer research, animal welfare organizations, but she also randomly bought her friend a new car. “Just today I’ve donated $45,000 … I’m working on the list still,” she told CTV News Vancouver.

“She’s always wanted to help people. She’s a driver at the senior’s centre; she goes and drives people to their appointments and things. It couldn’t have happened to a better person, and I know that she’s going to use it well and live a different life than she ever lived,” her lucky friend added.

The List that Keeps on Giving

In 2019, Frances and Patrick Connolly won 114,9 million pounds on Euromillions jackpot (around 155 million dollars) and as soon as she found out the news Frances made a list of 50 people she wanted to help with her huge win. And a year later she said she’d given away half of her winnings.

Aside from helping her dearest ones, her and her husband also set up two charities to help local people, but they’ve otherwise continued to live modest lives. “I have had more joy from changing lives than buying jewellery. I knew from the start that I’d never become part of the jet set”, Frances said to Daily Mail.

Don’t you feel just warm and fuzzy on the inside? Just imagine how many people you could help with if you decide to buy a lotto ticket and win a jackpot right now. Sure, you are going to make your own life a lot easier and more fun, but seeing happy faces all around you is a special kind of reward. Don’t wait for a second longer, now’s the perfect time to play.

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